Name: The Giants Grave Court tomb

Location:  Commons , Mohill road, Fenagh, Co. Leitrim.

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Access: This site is located just South-west of Fenagh village. Take the Mohill road south out of Fenagh village for 1 km the pull over this Court Tomb is just at the side of the road.

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Description:  This is a large site with two Stone box chambers and a number of outliners surrounding the chambers. The first picture is looking south towards the western boxabove is looking East from the entranceway of the Western box chamber. These stone boxes would have had roofs on them at one stage. This roof debris is what is filling in the sites now. The front of the site points to the West. With the back of the site pointing to the East. These sites usually have a lot more to them that is below the surface. The mound that this site sits on was more that likely hollow with the stones comprising an entrance to the chamber. There are two box structures with the West box containing the doorway. The two boxes are a distance apart but there is a mound running between them. The whole site sit on a house-shoe mound with the stone structures on the Southern arm of the horseshoe 


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This site is well worth a visit. It is on Private Land  so ask permission if you can.

Measurements -: This site has 22+ stones in all. There are 10 support stones in the Eastern structure. With 11 stones comprising the Western structure and 1 Outlier. and many smaller stones

Total Length -: 18 m :(from tip of arms to back of mound)

Total Width -: 15 m (This includes the horseshoe mound)

Lat. -: 54 01' N ; Long. -: 07 50.2' W

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