Colin Glen Stone Circle & Altar Photo Gallery

Location: Colin Glen Forest Park, Glen Road (A501), Andersonstown, Belfast, Co Antrim.


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Access: By Road to the Colin Glen Forest Park or Park at the Glen Bridge on the Glen Road (A501). The site is not easy to find as the path has been washed away at places as well as landslides have take parts of the path away so care has to be taken as there is a fare amount of high drops if you wish to follow whats left of the path. If you follow the stream that connect with colin glen river just up from the glen bridge on the left hand side it will lead you to the circle.


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Description: The site was nicely located in a bend of a stream that lead off the Colin Mountain into Colin Glen forest. Was a favourite hiking spot for myself when I lived in Belfast. I have had many a Liberty-Cap experience at this location and is a gathering place at the summer soltice for many trippers. The hills surrounding the circle are a good picking site for Liberty-Caps


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Traditional Lore: Was known to have been one of the last active pagan site. Was used up until the late 17 early 18 century before was finally taken over by the christains and has been use by them since. 




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Spring Close to circle

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Path away from circle



Lat.  : 54 35'N Long. : 06 02.6'W

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