Carrowkeel Passage Tomb Site 5 Photo Gallery

The most impressive of the Carrowkeel passage tombs and the least visited. This passage structure is massive and incorporates a dozen or more chambers. The whole entrance way has colapsed as have the back chambers. This passage structure seem to be the oldest of the tomb because of it's state of decay. It therefore say that the ancient irish had access to high level of technology that seem to run out or get used up as the structure that came after this one seem to be on a smaller scale

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Front Chambers

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Northern door chamber

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Entrance from top

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Doorway looking out

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Entrance chamber

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Southern Chamber


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Collapsed Chamber 1

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Collapsed Chamber 2


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Southern door chamber

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Northern door chamber

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Back Chamber wall

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Back Chamber wall


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Collapsed back chamber

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Mound lenght

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Mound lenght

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Collapsed back Chamber

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Collapsed back Chamber


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Back chamber

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Back chamber

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Site 6 from top of mound

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Side chamber collapsed

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Side chamber collapsed


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Side chamber collapsed

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Side chamber collapsed

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Side chamber collapsed

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Back Chamber Collapsed


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