Carrig Court Tomb Photo Gallery

Location: Carrig Townland, Blessington, Co Wicklow.


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Access: By road then a walk across a field. From Blessington Take the road to Kilbride the turnoff to go over the Blessinton bridge on the road to Ballyknockan. The site is on a rise after a 1km drive along the lake side.   


Description:  The site sit at the top of a rise overlooking the Pollaphuca Reservoir (Taiscumar Pholl an Phúca). This is a fine court tomb in the western foothills of the Wicklow mountains. This is a fantastic area to drive and hike around. The wicklow mountains has a wide range of different sites


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Traditional Lore: 


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Lat. 52°09.2'N :  Long. : 06°30.8'W

Other Sites close by:  Carrig Cairns Knockiernan Standing Stone Lugnagun Cairn Lugnagun Megalithic Tomb Blackrock Megalthic Tomb Woodend Hill Cairns Baltyboys Lower Cairn




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