Court Tombs

 Early Spring: bluebell covered 

NAME:  Lough Meelagh / Knockranny Court Tomb

LOCATION: Lough Meelagh, Knockranny, Keadew, Co. Roscommon

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ACCESS: There is parking facility close to the site, beside Lough Meelagh. From Keadew take the road to Ballyfarnon. The parking facility is 1 km outside Keadew town. There is a woodland trail with raised walkways over the more swampy parts, leading to the site itself. It is about 200 meters from the parking facility.

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DESCRIPTION: This is a well maintained site with the undergrowth being cut back on a regular basis. The Court Tomb is covered in bluebells during the spring. The sites contains a large central chamber 4.5m wide and 4.8m in long. There is a entrance way on the NE side of the site. Entrance to the chamber was in a SE direction. There is a smaller chamber to the NW of the main chamber. It is 4.3m long by 1.75 m across. 

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This site, surrounded by a Ash and Pine forest with Nature walks, is well worth a visit and is perfect for a day's outing. There are two Walking trails that pass close to this site. Keadue is also the Town that holds the yearly Harpers Festival.

Lat.: 54 03.2' N  ;  Long.: 08 09.2' W

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