Frevagh Celtic Cross Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Beside Sraduffy River, Frevagh Townland, Co. Fermanagh, Closest town is Kiltyclogher Co. Leitrim.


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Access: Right beside the Road so easy access, Is on the back road out of Kiltyclogher going north to Kilcoo cross roads. The Cross is about a mile from town on the south side of the road.


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Description:  This cross has suffered some damage with the the top cross piece missing. Some of the carvings can still be seen but are getting very faded. The cross sit on top of a large mound and may mark a larger site, their is a  large growth of Hawthorn around the mound, these can usually be found at old sites. There is also a natural bridge over the river just at the Cross. Part of the worm ditch also runs to the west and swings south close to the cross.


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Traditional Lore: 




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Lat. 54 22 N :  Long. : 08 03 W

Other Sites close by: Corracloona Court Tomb ;




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