Cornhill Cairn Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Corn hill, Killoe, Co. Longford.


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Access: There is an access road to the top of corn hill so the sites can be accessed by car. From Drumlish take the road to Ballinalee, 4 km from Drumlish make a left turn , Corn Hill should be on your left, follow the road until you come to a T-junction turn left and then left again. This will have you at the back of Corn Hill and the access road is the second lane on the left.


Description:  This site is comprise of two Cairns. As you can see from the picture above these cairns are nothing more than moss covered mounds. The peak stone is placed on the top of the first cairn at a height of 278m above sea level. The second cairn is located just south-east of the first and is not as predominant. In the center photo below it is the mound just below the poles.


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Information: Although the view of N. Longford & S. Cavan is spectacular from the top of the hill, this site has little to view. The site has also suffered damage from a forestry access road first photo above and the construction of a telecommunications mast right beside the first cairn last picture above.

This view is looking down from the top of the first cairn, as you can see they could not have got the mast any closer although they did not have to build it that close as there is a large plateau on the top of the corn hill. I would also like to know how they got permission to build this mast so close, as these sites are supposedly protected as part of our heritage. I suppose like most government officials in the world the ones in Ireland will always accept a 'Donation' to look the other way.


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