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Balor of the Evil Eye


Name:  Balor of the Mighty Blows / 'Evil Eye'


Race:  Fomorian


Profession:  King Warrior Magician


Associated Sites:  Tor Mór Tory Island, Lochlann (Norway)

Magh Tuiredh (Moytura, Co. Roscommon)


Associated Deities:  Domnu


Grandfather: Net


Wife:  Ceithlenn  


Daughter:  Ethnea


Grandson:  Lugh Lámhfada

Some historians believe that the Fomorians were of Asiatic or of Northern African origin they being described often as having dark skin and hair colouring.   Balor of the Evil Eye or Balor of the Mighty Blows was one of their chief leaders and was renowned for his gigantic size and strength.  He was also a magician.   He probably lived in the north west of Ireland as this is the area where the legends of his deeds are most plentiful.  Tory island in particular is connected with Balor it is said that this was the place where he ruled. ' He had one eye in the middle of his forehead and the other one directly opposite in the back of his head.'   A glance from this "evil eye" is said to have blasted the bleak islands lying to the west of Scotland.

With its foul distorted glances, its piercing beams, and venomous properties, like those of the basilisk this eye in the back of the skull would strike people dead.  Because of this Balor kept it constantly covered except when he wished to get the better of his enemies.  The Gaelic speakers still call an "evil eye" Súil Bhaloir.

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