Tuatha-De-Danaan Goddess



Name:  Medb meaning: intoxicated


Province:  Mainly Connaught but also Leinster


PropertiesGoddess of Intoxication, Goddess of Sovereignty


Associated Sites:  Cruachain : Medb's Mound Co. Sligo


Associated Herbs, Trees & Fungi: Hemp, Fly Agaric, Liberty Cap, Coltsfoot, Yew

The Goddess Medb was the goddess of Intoxication, and had a role similar to that of the Greek God  Bacchus in that she presided over all functions involving the consuming of intoxicating substances such as alcohol, mushrooms such as the Fly Agaric, Liberty caps, intoxicating herbs such as hemp and all things which would produce a state of transcendence. 

Pagan Kings of Ireland married the Goddess at the time of their coronations tossing back flagons of mead to produce the necessary intoxication.

Queen Medb of Connaught was named after the Goddess and is often confused with the Goddess and given attributes similar to that of the Goddess.  She may be a human incarnation of the Goddess.

Rathcroghan in Co. Roscommon is associated with the Goddess in ancient times the area was known as Cruachain (Cruachan) and in Celtic times was associated with the Sidhe or the Tuatha De Danann.

Further reading: Anne Ross - Pagan Celtic Britain


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