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Portal Tombs

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Name : Churchfield Portal Tomb

Location : Churchfield Townland, between Keshcarrigan and Fenagh, Co. Leitrim.

Access : There is easy access to this site by the road. Go East out of Keshcarrigan for 3 Km. Take what will be the second road on the left and travel north for 1 Km.  You will come to a y-junction follow the main road round to the right, carry on for a half a Km. and pull over. This site will be on the right, at the top of the first rise buried in a old dry-stone wall.

Description : This is another fine example of a Portal Tomb. Over the years this site has been incorporated as part of a dividing wall.

There are 6 stones involved in this Portal Tomb. 5 Support  stones and 1 capstone. The back of the site points towards the East with the entrance on the West side.

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Looking East into Chamber

Measurements :  There are 6 stones in all. 4 Support Stones , 1 Entrance Stone and 1 Capstone

Support stones : Stone 1-; H-170cm ; L-110cm ; W-50cm :  Stone 2-; H-160 ; L-207cm ; W-30cm : Stone 3-; H-120cm ; L-146cm ; W-33cm :  Stone 4-; H-200cm ; L-84cm ; W-81cm :

 Entrance Stone : H-70cm ; L-60cm ; W-15.

Capstone : L-230cm ; B-180cm ; W-30cm.

Lat. : 54 02'N ; Long. : 07 53'W

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