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Portal Tombs

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Name : Fenagh Beg Portal Tomb

Location : Fenagh Beg townland, Fenagh, Co Leitrim

Access : There is no road access or a path to this site. The site is north of the Mohill - Keshcarrigan road junction. North-West of Fenagh village. You need to cross a number of fields to reach this site so bring boots, is it also on private land so ask permission if you can.

Description : This is a fine specimen of a Portal Tomb. At the moment there is only two of the stone supporting what remains of the capstone. Two of the support stones have fallen and this has caused part of the capstone to snap off. The Back of the site points to the North-west and the entrance is on the South-eastern side. In the picture below you can see the fallen part of the capstone on the ground .

I liked this portal tomb there is a local story that a warrior  from Donegal was supposedly  buried in the tomb standing upright. I could stand inside the tomb without bending over.

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About 100m due north of this site is Fenagh Megalithic Tomb.  For those interested in Portal Tombs this one is well worth the visit.

Measurements : This Site comprises 8 stones in all. 4 Supporting Stones still standing ; 2 Support Stones Fallen ; 1 Fallen Capstone ;  1 Capstone.

Supporting Stones :

  1. H-180cm, L-80cm, W-40cm - Eastern stone on South side

  2. H-140cm, L-210cm, W-30cm -Western stone on South side

  3. H-150cm, L-80cm, W-30cm - Support stone on West side.
  4. H-135cm, L-160cm, W-30cm - Support stone on North side.

Fallen Stones : Stone 1 - H-90cm, L-110cm , W-35cm - Northern Stone

   Stone 2 - H-75cm, L-100cm, W-40cm. - Southern Stone

Fallen Capstone : L-200cm, B-140cm, W-40cm

Capstone : L-370cm, B-170cm, W-40cm.

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