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A Crannóg  refers to an artificially constructed island on which a house was raised.

The name comes from crann, a tree, indicating the extensive use of wood usualy Oak in these constructions.

Crannóg's are found in nearly every Lough and river in some Counties. Some of these islands have become landlocked as the lakes have dried up or the rivers have moved there course.

Usually all that remains of these sites is a small island with a few trees growing on it, but these site are in some of the most scenic of locations.

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County - Site 8

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PhotoLW.JPG (11535 bytes)

Castlefore Lough

PhotoLsLW.JPG (14576 bytes)

Fenagh Lough

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Keshcarrigan Lough

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Meelagh Lough

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Lough Arrow


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