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Court Tombs

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NAME : Moytirra East Court Tomb

LOCATION : Moytirra East, Kilmactranny, Co. Sligo.

ACCESS : This site is just beside a roadway and is not to difficult to get to.

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DESCRIPTION : This is an amazing court tomb. The whole site has a curve to the right when viewed from the entrance way. It has 2 Hole Stones. One hole stone is just to the left of the entrance way (first picture below) and one in the stone at the very back of the site (Second picture below). These holes are in alignment and point in a direction of 225' W. 

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MEASUREMENTS : There are 27 stones in all at this site. 22 stones make up the box structure,  and 2 stone as arms, and 3 stones as outliers. The site is 14m in  Length 

Lat. : 54 04.5' N  ;  Long. : 08 17' W

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