Portal Tombs

Name -: Loughscur Portal Tomb

Location -: Loughscur Townland, Keshcarrigan - Carrick road, Keshcarrigan, Co Leitrim.

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Access -: There is easy access to this site with a pulling-in facility by the road and a stone path running down to the Portal Tomb. The site is 2 Km. west of Keshcarrigan along the Carrick road on the North side and is easily seen from the road.

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Description -: This is a fine specimen of a collapsed Portal Tomb. There are only two of the support stones still standing. Which you can see above, they are still holding up one side of the capstone. The capstone has collapsed inward and has split into 4 pieces of nearly identical size.

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These picture let you see in more detail how this site has collapsed. This site also has two satellite stones which can be seen in the picture below. They are just below the tree on the right of the picture. One of the satellite stones is still standing and one has fallen.

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The picture above show how the site fell inwards with the capstone breaking more or less down the middle , East to West and North to South.

For those interested in Portal Tombs this one is well worth the visit.

Measurements -:  This site incorporates 9 stones in all. 2 support stones still standing, 4 support stones fallen, 1 satellite stone standing and 1 fallen. 1 capstone which has split into 4 pieces.

Support Stones Still Standing -:  Stone S1 - H-96cm , L-130cm , W-20cm ; Stone S2 - H-98cm , L-107cm , W-22cm.

Fallen Support Stones -:  Stone F1 - H-96cm , L-130cm , W-22cm ; Stone F2 - H-59cm , L-94cm , W-33cm ; Stone F3 - H-140cm , L-140cm , W-9cm ; Stone F4 - H-76cm , L-130cm , W-20cm.

Satellite Stones -: Fallen Stone -  H-73cm , L-115cm , W-41cm. ;   

Standing Stone - H-78cm , L-77cm , W-23cm.

Capstone -: Stone CS1 - L-200cm , B-130cm , W-41cm ; Stone CS2 - L-150cm , B-166cm , W-38cm ; Stone CS3 - L-210cm , B-130cm , W-41cm ; Stone CS4 - L-220cm , B-153cm , W-41cm.

if capstone was unbroken it would be

4m by 2.5m by .04m

Lat. -: 5401.2'N Long. -: 0757.9'W

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