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Court Tombs

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Name: Ballinamore Court Tomb

Location: Ballinamore Golf course, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim.

Access : From Ballinamore town Take the b-road to Drumshambo running along the canal. Take the first turn off to the left and follow this road until you come to the Ballinamore Golf Course. The Ballinamore canal should be on the left the whole time. Park and cross the bridge over the canal and the site is on the first rise to the left.

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Description : This site has suffered extensive damage during the recent work done to the golf course. They seem to have used the site as a dumping site for excess soil and stones as well as removing some of the site itself. All to make another stupid golf course for a small number of people to use. It is difficult to determine what type of site this used to be because of the dumping. The box structure on the undamaged end would suggest that it was a court tomb. Action will be taken to get this damage repaired. This site may be on private land but these sites are our heritage and the destruction of these sites by a few is unacceptable. If you would like to complain you can e-mail the Minster for Heritage at the Irish Government web site.

Measurements -: ?

Standing Stones -: ?

Lat. -: 5403.4'N    Long. -: 07 49.9'W

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