Poulawack Cairn Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Poulawack, Poulcaragharush, the Burren, Co Clare.


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First view after an uphill walk

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Access: By road then an uphill climb for 5 minutes then followed by a ten minute walk to the site


Description: This cairn is more than lokely a passage tomb. The depression of  a collapsed entranceway can be seen on one side of the cairn (See first photo below) or an attempt to break in.


Traditional Lore: 


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A year later and peak stone is gone

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Looks like a buried entrance or an attempt to break in

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Measurements: At one time T.J.Westropp measured the cairn at 200 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. 

Lat. 5302  :  Long. : 0908.4

Other Sites close by:  Poulnabrone Portal Tomb Noughaval Pre-Celtic Cross Kilfenora Celtic Cross



Legend of Amalgaid


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