Mythological Weapons 


The Gapped spear of King Conchobar,

The venomous spear of King Conchobar,

The Culghlas or blue-green spear of Conall the victorious,

The Cual gae or grouping of spears or swords similar to the medieval  chevaux de frise.

The Crann Buidhe - The Spear of Manannan.


Caladcholg, the sword of Fergus Mac Roich which stretched to the length of a rainbow: this was a sword from the sidhe or Otherworld.

The sword of Manannan mac Lir  'The Answerer' which left no sign of stroke or blow behind.

The Cruaiden cadatchenn, Cúchulainn's hereditary sword.


  Ochain -The Bright Rim of King Conchobar

Cúchulainn's shield of dark crimson with a pure white silver rim and bronze embossed animal-shapes.

Missive or throwing shields with sharp edges used as offensive weapons.

The large bossed shield of Fergus Mac Roich, with fifty bosses that could each bear the weight of a hog, and a great central boss of red gold.

Unique Weapons:

The Gae Bulga - this was a type of harpoon with retractable barbs, it was given by Scathach the warrior woman to Aoife who Cúchulainn conquered as a test while in the service of Scathach therefore it passed into his ownership when Aoife was defeated.  It had thirty barbs and was made from the bones of a sea monster.

'And Cúchulainn called for the Gae Bulga from Laeg son of
Riangabair. This was its nature: With the stream it was made
ready, and from between the fork of the foot it was cast; the
wound of a single spear it gave when entering the body, and
thirty barbs had it when it opened and it could not be drawn
out of a man's flesh till the flesh had been cut about it.'

from J. Dunn translation Táin Bó Cuailnge 1914.


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