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Name:  Oisín / Ossian / 'Little Deer'


Clan: Bascna


Profession:  Warrior


Race:  Celtic


Father:  Fionn Mac Cumhaill


Mother:  Sabha of the Sidhe


Paternal Grandfather:  Cumhall


Paternal Grandmother: Muirne


Wife: Niamh of the Sidhe


Half-Brother: Fiachna


Foster-Brothers: Innsa  Duibhruinn


Sons: Oscar  and Finn sons of Niamh


Daughter: Blaithín


Army: The Fianna


King: Cormac Mac Art

Oisín was the son of the hero Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the fairy-woman Sabha who was abducted back to the Otherworld when Oisín was a young boy and he was then brought up by his father Fionn.  He fought many brave battles with the Fianna when he came of age.  He did not always agree with his father especially in the case of his father's enmity against Diarmuid O'Duibne when he eloped with Gráinne who had been promised to Fionn Mac Cumhail.

Oisín met Niamh a beautiful woman of the Sidhe and went to Tír na nÓg with her to live it is said he lived there for three years and then he wanted to return to his homeland to see his family again, he was given a white horse and told not to step off it.  He returned to his home but could find no trace of his old house or any of his family and the people seemed different, somehow smaller and weaker.  He discovered some men at a place called Glen na Smól trying to lift a large rock.  He found out that three hundred years had passed since the time of his father and the Fianna.  He decided to help the men lift the rock but as he reached over he slipped from his horse and his foot touched the earth.  He was instantly transformed into a withered old man and he died there, in front of the men but not before telling them who he was.

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