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Name:  Naoise Mac Uisnech / Noisiu Mac Uisliu


Profession:  Warrior, Champion


Father:  Uisnech / Uisliu


Brothers:   ArdánAinnle 


Wife:  Deirdre of the Sorrows daughter of Feidlimid


Army:  The Red Branch


King:  Conchobar Mac Nessa

Naoise is  a warrior in the army of King Conchobar Mac Nessa who elopes with the fiancée of the King, who is Deirdre daughter of the bard Feidlimid.  They run away to Scotland along with his two brothers.  They are enticed back to Ireland but the brothers are then murdered by King Eogan Mac Durthacht on behalf of Conchobar.  This causes a split in the Red Branch and a good few warriors including King Conchobar's son Cormac and Fergus Mac Roich along with three thousand men go to join Queen Medb of Connaught. 

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Naoise

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