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Lugaid Mac Cúroi



Name:  Lugaid Mac Cúroi 


Father:  Cú Raoi Mac Daire


Province:  Munster


King:  Ailill


Queen:  Medb


Enemies:  Cúchulainn Conall Cernach

Lugaid was the son of the fabled warrior and sorcerer Cú Raoi Mac Daire.  He fought on the side of Queen Medb and King Ailill in the Battle of Muirthemne and killed the hero Cúchulainn and took his head as a prize back with him.  He himself was killed by Conall Cernach who came to avenge the death of Cúchulainn.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Lugaid

The Death of Cúchulainn at Muirthemne

Conall Avenges the Death of Cúchulainn

Cúchulainn slays Finnabair

Scél Muicce Mac Dathó

The Story of Mac Dathó



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