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Fergus Mac Roich


Name:  Fergus Mac Roich 'Son of Great Horse'/ Mac Roig 


Profession:  Warrior, Champion, King until he was usurped by Conchobar


Province:   Ulster, : Connaught


Associated Sites:  Emain Macha Cruachu


King:  Conchobar Mac Nessa


Father: Roech 'The Great Horse'


Grandfather: Rus 'King of Kings'


Consorts:  Queen Medb Flidais Nes mother of Conchobar


Son: Fiacha (murdered by Eogan Mac Durthacht)


Foster Son:  Cúchulainn


Army:  The Red Branch ( which he leaves and goes into the army of Queen Medb)


Weapons:  The Caladcholg The Bossed Shield of Fergus

Fergus was the foster-father of Cúchulainn the legendary Ulster hero.  He served with the Red Branch Army of Ulster for many years but he fell out with King Conchobar over his treatment of the Sons of Uisnech and decided to go south and join the army of Queen Medb.  This puts him in a difficult position later on as he is sent to fight his former comrades when Queen Medb goes to war with Ulster over the Brown Bull of Cooley.  He is put to fight against Cúchulainn but they come up with a plan so they don't have to fight.

He was also sent to spy on the army of King Conchobar because he knew the terrain but again he could not completely betray his former comrades and led the army of Queen Medb a very circuitous route thus delaying and hindering them and buying more time for the Ulster army to recover from the annual curse which afflicted them.

He is a consort of Queen Medb of Connaught and one of the few men who can satisfy her sexually 'she used to know thirty men every day or go to Fergus once.'  He is also consort of the Goddess of Wild Animals Flidais and they can satisfy each other sexually when normally it would take nine ordinary women to satisfy him.  His name Ro-Ech means Mighty Horse and his sexual attributes are linked with that of a divine stallion.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Fergus Mac Roich

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