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Name:  Ferdiad / Fer Diad


Race:  Fir Bolg


Tribe: Domnann


Profession:  Warrior


Father:  Daman


Grandfather:  Daré


Tutor:  Scathach


Foster Brother:  Cúchulainn


Associated Sites:  Aran Islands off Galway Coast Isle of Skye Plain of Muirthemne  

Ferdiad trained with the warrior woman Scathach on the Isle of Skye at the same time as Cúchulainn although he was a few years ahead in his training.  They became friends and 'foster brothers' to each other.  Many years later when the Battle of the Brown Bull is being fought they find themselves on opposite sides.  Ferdiad is aligned to Queen Medb and Cúchulainn is fighting on the side of Ulster.

Ferdiad does not want to fight Cúchulainn but he is threatened with satires about himself and his family if he does not comply to the wishes of Medb.  He had already refused her gifts of a chariot and the hand of her daughter Finnabair in marriage, the threat of being a figure of fun for all eternity proves too much for Ferdiad and he reluctantly consents to fight his foster brother.

They fight for three days and it is on the third day that Cúchulainn kills Ferdiad.  Cúchulainn then carries Ferdiad to the Ulster side and buries his body on Ulster soil, the death of Ferdiad affects Cúchulainn deeply.

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