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Cú Roí Mac Dairi 


Name: Cú Roí Cú Raoi / Mac Dairi Mac Dáire


Profession:  Warrior Sorcerer


Clan: Degad Dedad


Father: Dára


Poet: Fercherdne


Wife: Blathnat daughter of Midir


Son:  Lugaid Mac Cúroi 


Associated Sites: Tralee, Co. Kerry  Finglas Valley, Co. Kerry 

Caherconree, Co. Kerry


Cú Roí Mac Dairi is a giant hero who is worshipped as a god by the Celts.  He is a master sorcerer and a habitual traveler whose martial conquests extend throughout the lands of the earth.  From the age of seven until he died he had not bloodied his sword in Erin, nor had the food of Ireland passed his lips.  Each night in whatever part of the world he might be in he chanted an incantation so that his fortress in Kerry revolved as swiftly as a mill-stone and it's entrance could never be found after sunset.

He appeared most frequently in the guise of a giant churl or herdsman.  He helped out the Ulstermen one time on a raid of the Underworld and they offered him first choice of the booty if they succeeded.  Through his might and prowess they succeed and carry off the girl Blathnat daughter of Midir of Brí Léith, together with his magic cauldron of plenty and three marvellous cows.  When Cú Roí goes to make his choice the Ulstermen refuse to hand over the goods, but he then lifts up the booty, stows it on several parts of his body and makes to leave.

Cúchulainn is the only one of the Ulstermen to try to stop him and Cú Roí simply lifts him up and thrusts him into the earth up to his armpits, then he does one of the worst things you could do to a Celtic Warrior, he lifted up his sharp sword and he shaves off all Cúchulainn's hair.  Cúchulainn in his utter shame was forced to hide himself for a year until his hair grew back a little.

Cúchulainn gets his revenge on Cú Roí by making a tryst with his enforced wife Blathnat at Samhain, and she betrays Cú Roí by pouring milk into the river by his stronghold as a sign when he was there.  The Ulstermen scale the high cliffs around his fortress and take him unawares and murder him.  Cú Roí's loyal poet Fercherdne avenges him by rushing forward at Blathnat as she stands on top of the cliff and grabbing his arms around her plunges them both to their deaths on the strand below.

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