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Name: Conlaoch Connla


Profession: Warrior


Father: Cúchulainn


Mother: Aoife


Tutors:  Aoife Scathach


Associated Sites:  The Isle of Skye Baile's Strand Dundalk

Conlaoch was the only son of Cúchulainn the famous warrior.  In a cruel twist of fate Cúchulainn kills Conlaoch as a geas is put on Conlaoch by his mother Aoife not to give way in battle, never to give his name or lineage, never to refuse a challenge.  Because of these conditions he is forced into fighting with the champions of Ulster and also his father who throws the deadly Gae Bulga at him and seals his fate.

Stories, Myths and legends associated with Conlaoch

Conlaoch the Only Son of Cúchulainn and Aoife (Lady Gregory)

Conlaoch and Cúchulainn (short)



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