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Conall the Victorious


Name:  Conall Cernach


Race: Celtic


Province: Ulster


Father: Amergin 'Iron Jaw'


Mother: Finchoem wife of Amergin 'Iron Jaw'


Wife: Lendabair daughter of Eoghan Mac Durthacht


Son: Iriel 


King:  Conchobar Mac Nessa


Army:  The Red Branch


Associated Sites:  Emain Macha


Friends:  Cúchulainn


Enemies:  Lugaid Mac Cúroi


Charioteer:  Id Mac Riangabra


Weapons:  The Culghlas   'Bricriu' his Shield


Horse:  Dewy-Red

Conall the Victorious was a comrade in arms of Cúchulainn, and a member of the Red Branch of Ulster who served under King Conchobar Mac Nessa at the site of Emain Macha (Navan Fort).  Conall had made a covenant with Cúchulainn that whichever of them was first killed would be avenged by the other.  It turned out that Cúchulainn was killed first on the Plain of Muirthemne by Lugaid Mac Cúroi and it therefore fell to Conall to avenge his death.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Conall the Victorious:

Conall Avenges the Death of Cúchulainn

The Feast of Bricriu

The Awakening of the Men of Ulster

The Battle of Tailltin

The Boy Deeds of Cúchulainn

Bricriu's Feast and the Women's War

The Courting of Emer

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel

Scél Muicce Mac Dathó

The Story of Mac Dathó's Pig



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