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Name:  Scathach 'The Shadowy'


Profession:  Warrior and Tutor of Martial Arts Prophetess


Associated Site:  Isle of Skye, Scotland


Sons:  Cúar Cat


Daughter: Uathach  


Students:  Cúchulainn Ferdiad  Ferbaeth (killed by Cúchulainn) Lugaid Mac Nois Allchomaig (King of Munster)


Soldiers:  Cochar Cruibne killed by Cúchulainn in self defence


Adversaries: Aoife

Scathach was a great warrior woman who trained many of the greatest of the heroes.  It was almost impossible to reach her island so that anyone who did was considered worthy to be trained in martial arts.  She was at war with a neighbouring warrior-woman Aoife and asked Cúchulainn to help her in this task which he did conquering Aoife and making her pregnant with his son Conlaoch.

Scathach was also skilled in the art of foretelling and she prophesied to Ferdiad that he would die at the hands of Cúchulainn many years before the event occurred at the battle of the Brown Bull of Cualgne. 

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