Celtic Smiths



Name:  Culann Culainn Cuillen Cuilenn Cuillenn 


Race:  Tuatha De Danann


Profession: Smith


Province: Ulster


Daughters:  Áine  Milucra


Associated Sites: Slieve Gallion, Co. Armagh

Culann was the Smith of the Sidhe of Slieve Gallion in Co. Armagh, he was of the Tuatha De Danann race, and so he lived a long time.  He was living at the time of Cúchulainn who got his name because he killed the hound of Culann and in remorse for his action promised to take on the tasks of Culann's Hound that of defending  his property until such time as he could find a new hound for him.

Culann was also living in the time of King Cormac Mac Art and the Fianna, and Fionn Mac Cumhail.   His daughter Áine fell in love with Fionn, and when he did not return her love she cast him into a lake and when he got himself out he realised he had turned into an old man.  The Fianna find him and then dig up Slieve Gallion, and Culann came out angrily to see why they were ruining his mound, and they told him why and he took away the symptoms of old age, from Fionn but his hair was grey from then onwards.

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