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Name:  Amairgin Amairghin  Amergin 'Glúnmar' - Big-Kneed / 'Birth of Song'


Race:  Milesian


Father: Miled


Brothers: Donn Eremon Erech Febria Ir Arranan  Colptha Eber Finn  


Wife: Scéne


Profession:  Poet Prophet 


Associated Sites: Inver Scene (Kenmare Estuary) 

Amairgin was the poet and wise man of the Milesian race.  When they first landed on Ireland he sang a poem of thanks aligning himself with all of nature.  He met Ériu and promised her that her name would be the name for Ireland ever after, he also met her sisters Banba and Fodla and he promised them that their names would be one of the names of Ireland.

He met the three kings Mac Cécht, Mac Cuill and Mac Gréine and agreed to move out past the ninth wave in order to allow them to prepare a defence.  The kings caused a storm to occur in order to put the Milesians off from landing.  Amairgin sang a verse over the waves and quelled the storm.

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