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Name:  Bricriu Nemhthenga 'Venomous-Tongued'/'The Freckled'


Profession:  Satirist


Province:  Ulster


King:  Conchobar Mac Nessa


Associated Sites:  Emain Macha Cruachan Dundrum, Co. Down Loughbrickland Co. Down


Father:  Carbad


Brother: Goll 'the One-Eyed'

Bricriu the Venomous was a trouble-maker he was always trying to incite rivalry and discord among the warriors of Ulster.  None liked him very much and they all tried their best to avoid running into him.  He threw a famous feast which he was a year in preparing for and invited all the warriors of Ulster to it but he caused a big fight by promising the curadhmhír the 'champions portion' to three separate men namely Conall the Victorious, Laeghaire Battle-Winner and Cúchulainn

He goes down to Cruachan in Connaught to the rest of the Ulster exiles after all his property is stolen from him and Fergus Mac Roich takes pity on him and gives him a position.

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