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Name: Muirne 'of the white neck'/ Muirenn Munchaem/ Muireann Munchaomh/ Murna/ Morna/ Murine


Race: Tuatha de Danann & Fomorian


Father:  Tadg Mac Nuadha


Mother:  Ethnea Ni Bhaloir


Paternal Grandfather: Nuada


Maternal Grandfather: Balor of the Mighty Blows


Maternal Grandmother:  Ceithlenn


Half-Brother: Lugh Lámhfada


Sisters: Tuiren/Uirne  Bodhmall the Druidess


Husbands: Cumhal  King of Carraighe 


Son: Fionn Mac Cumhail 


Grandsons: Oisín Fiachna (son of Maighneis) Faolan 



Grand-daughters: Cainche  Lugach


Great-Grandsons: Oscar Finn


Great-Grand-daughter: Blaithín


Associated Sites: Sliabh Bladhma (Slieve Bloom) Co. Offaly/Laois 

Almu (Hill of Allen, Co. Kildare)

Muirne was the mother of Fionn Mac Cumhail the legendary warrior of the Fianna.  Her husband Cumhail had been murdered by the family of Morna and therefore she feared for the safety of her son so she put him into the care of two women Liath Luachra and Bodhmall the old druidess who lived at Sliabh Bladhma.

Stories, Myths and legends associated with Muirne

The Cause of the Battle of Cnucha

The boyhood of Fionn Mac Cumhaill

The Coming of Finn

The Birth of Bran

Cat-Heads and Dog-Heads

The Death of Bran



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