Name: Leborcham / Levarcham


Parents: Oa / Aedh and Adarc 

(Slaves belonging to King Conchobar)


Race: Celtic


Profession: Female Messenger to the King


Foster-Daughter: Deirdre

Leborcham was put in charge of Deirdre daughter of Feidlimid the poet in order to keep her separate from the rest of humanity and rear her to be married to King Conchobar Mac Nessa.  Although there was a prediction from Cathbad the druid that she would cause great trouble to the men of Ulster.

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Stories, Myths & Legends associated with Leborcham

Deirdre and the sons of Uisnech 

The wasting sickness of Cúchulainn

The Boy Deeds of Cúchulainn



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