Name: Emer ní Forgail


Race:  Fomorian


Father:  Forgal the Wily


Paternal Aunt: Scenmend  


Sister:  Fiall


Brothers:  Cond Ibur Seibur Catt 


Husband:  Cúchulainn


Rivals:  Fann of the Sidhe

Emer was the daughter of Forgal the Wily a Fomorian King.  Cúchulainn sought her hand in marriage but she laughed at him and called him a beardless boy and that he should come back to her when he had more deeds to his name.

Her father Forgal on hearing that Cúchulainn was seeking the hand of his daughter decided to try and get rid of him, so he went to King Conchobar and he suggested that Cúchulainn be sent to study with the warrior woman Scathach on the Isle of Skye as few returned from there alive.

Cúchulainn of course goes and trains on the Isle of Skye and becomes a skilled warrior.  He returns and steals Emer from her father's stronghold killing all the warriors that come after him.  They live happily together after that until Cúchulainn has an affair with Fann a fairy-queen from the Underworld.  Which makes Emer jealous so Cúchulainn realises that it is Emer he loves more and gives up Fann.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Emer

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