Name:  Dechtire Dechtine


Race:  Tuatha Dé Danann


Half-Brother:  Conchobar Mac Nessa


Husband:  Sualtam


Consort:  Lugh Lámhfada


Son:  Cúchulainn


Grandfather:  Aengus Mac Óg


Associated Sites: Emain Macha  Brugh na Boyne The Plain of Muirthemne

Dechtire was the mother of the famous hero Cúchulainn.  King Conchobar Mac Nessa was her half-brother and Aengus Mac Óg her grandfather, making the Dagda her great-grandfather.  She was therefore partly of the divine race of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

She married the Ulster chieftain Sualtam, although on her wedding day she was abducted by Lugh Lámhfada along with her serving maidens whom he turned into a flock of birds and brought to Brugh na Boyne the home of the Gods in Co. Meath.  They made love and nine months later a baby was born who they called Setanta later to be known as Cúchulainn.  

The Ulster heroes follow a flock of birds to Brugh na Boyne when they are out hunting and discover Dechtire there and her serving maidens.  They return with the women to Emain Macha.

Sualtam brings up Setanta as his own son as fostering was a natural part of Celtic Culture and Dechtire lives with him on the Plain of Muirthemne.

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