Name:  Blathnat Blainaid 'Flower-like'


Race:  Tuatha Dé Danann


Father:  Midhir or Iuchna


Husband:  Cú Roí Mac Dairi 


Consort:  Cúchulainn


Associated Sites:  Brí Léith  Falga (Isle of Man)

Blathnat was the daughter of Midhir the fairy king of Brí Léith in Co. Westmeath.  One day the warriors of the Red Branch of Ulster were out hunting when they chanced upon the entrance to the fairy mound of Brí Léith, they saw an opportunity for gain but decided they would not risk it without the help of the giant from Tralee, Cú Roí Mac Daire so they enlisted his aid and promised him his share of whatever booty they would get.

Cú Roí does most of the hard work and they all get away, after robbing three marvellous cows, the magic cauldron of plenty and Blathnat herself.  The Ulster champions decide to renege on their promise to share the booty with Cú Roí, but he catches on to what they are scheming and grabs up all the booty himself with ease including Blathnat who he carries off to his fortress in Tralee and forces to become his wife.

Later on Cúchulainn who was shamed by Cú Roí and wants revenge on him, woos Blathnat and she falls in love with him and betrays Cú Roí by pouring milk into the Finglas River as a sign that Cú Roí was in his castle.  The Ulster champions scale the high outer walls and kill Cú Roí, however the poet Fercherdne seeing Blathnat's betrayal of his master rushes at her and wraps his arms around her and flings them both off the high cliff to their deaths.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Blathnat

The Tragic Death of Cu Roi Mac Daire



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