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Name: Ferches Mac Comann


Father: Comann


Profession:  Warrior Druid


Race:  Celtic


King:  Ailill Olom of Munster


Province: Leinster

Ferches was a master druid and warrior who lived in Leinster.  He was called upon by Ailill Olom of Munster to help him.  Ferches kept watch at Samhain to see why the hillside by the land of King Ailill was made bare of grass, and when he saw members of the Sidhe coming out of the hill he flung a javelin at Eoghanach the king of that sidhe hill and he killed him.

Áine the fairy-queen vows vengeance on him and Ailill Olom for the murder of her foster-father, Eoghanach.

Stories, Myths & Legends associated with Ferches

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