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Love Spells & Charms

To Cause Love

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Ten leaves of the hemlock dried and powdered and mixed in food or drink will make the person you like to love you in return.  Also keep a sprig of mint in your hand till the herb grows moist and warm, then take hold of the hand of the person you love and they will follow you as long as the two hands are close over the herb.

No invocation is necessary; but silence must be kept between the two parties for ten minutes, to give the charm time to work with due efficacy.

Note: some herbs have toxic properties even when held - be very careful with hemlock and also mugwort as skin rashes can occur, nettles are well known to cause stinging blisters when held, when gathering herbs wear gloves and know the properties of the herbs you gather beforehand.

Source: Lady Wilde 'Speranza' - Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland.

first published 1888.  reprinted by O'Gorman Ltd., Galway Ireland, 1971.


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