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Love Spells & Charms

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Love Dreams

The girl who wishes to see her future husband must go out and gather certain herbs (Dog-Rose is one example) in the light of the full moon of the new year (Winter Solstice), repeating this charm:

"Moon, moon, tell unto me

When my true love I shall see?

What fine clothes am I to wear?

How many children shall I bear?

For if my love comes not to me

Dark and dismal my life will be."

Then the girl, cutting three pieces of clay from the sod with a black-hafted knife, carries them home, ties them up in the left stocking with the right garter, places the parcel under her pillow, and dreams a true dream of the man she is to marry and of all her future fate.  Call on the God Aonghus for Love Dreams.

Source: Lady Wilde 'Speranza' - Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland.

first published 1888, reprinted by O'Gorman Ltd., Galway, Ireland. 1971.

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