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Love Spells & Charms

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A Love Potion

Some of the country people have still a traditional remembrance of very powerful herbal remedies, and love potions are even now frequently in use.  They are generally prepared by an old woman; but must be administered by the person who wishes to inspire the tender passion.

At the same time, to give a love potion is considered a very awful act, as the result may be fatal, or at least full of danger.

A fine, handsome young man, of the best character and conduct suddenly became wild and reckless, drunken and disorderly, from the effect it was believed, of a love potion administered to him by a young girl who was passionately in love with him.  

When she saw the change produced in him by her act, she became moody and nervous, as if a constant terror were over her, and no one ever saw her smile again.  Finally she became half deranged, and after a few years of a strange, solitary life, she died of melancholy and despair.

This was said to be "The Love Potion Curse."


Source:  Lady Wilde 'Speranza' - Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland.

first published 1888, reprinted by O'Gorman Ltd., Galway, Ireland, 1971


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