Helpful Charms

Against Sorrow

A charm set by every mother who mourns the death of her son.

The charm of Dagda with his shield,

Of the sword of Lugh the Long-Handed,

Of Bridget with her veil.

The charm which the gods set for themselves when their powers were weakened.

A charm to be said to the North, to the South, to the West and to the East, when the night is black and the soul is heavy with sorrow.

A charm to be said at sunrise when, with the hands crossed on the breast,

when the eyes are red with weeping, and the madness of grief is strong.

A charm that has no words only the silent incantation.

Note: this is an adaptation of a christianised charm.  Source version can be found in Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland.  By Lady Wilde. 1888.

If you have suffered a great loss, silently invoke the Gods and Goddesses to help you bear the burden of grief.

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