Healing Charms

For The Night Fire ( The Fever )

"Goodness be with you, Bridget Great Healer!  Goodness be with you!"

"What ails thee?"

"A headache and a sickness and a weakness of the heart.  O Bridget, Great Healer, Can you cure me, O Great Healer of All.?"

"May three things Cure thee:

May the shadow of Lugh fall on thee,

May the Garment of Lugh cover thee,

May the Breath of Lugh fall on thee,

And when I come again you will be healed."

These words are said over a patient while his arms are crossed over his breast and water from a sacred well is sprinkled on his forehead.

Note: This is an adaptation from a christianised charm, taken from Lady 'Speranza' Wilde's - Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland. published 1888.