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The Ogham Calendar

List of Ogham Months and Corresponances

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Ogham Letters Trees Months Correspondances
Letter Standard Name English Name Latin Name Gaeilic Name English Name Class Colour Meaning
  B Beth Birch Betula pendula Samhain November Peasant White New Beginnings
  L Luis Rowan Sorbus aucuparia Nollag December Peasant Grey Protection 
  F Fearn Alder Alnus glutinosa Eanair January Chieftain Crimson Guidance
  S Saille Willow Salix alba Feabhra February Peasant Bright Balance
  N Nion Ash Fraxinus excelsior Márta March Chieftain Green Bondage
  H Huath Hawthorn Crataegus spp. Aibreán April Peasant Purple Restraint
  D Duir Oak Quercus robur Bealtaine May Chieftain Black Strength
  T Tinne Holly Ilex aquifolium Meitheamh June Chieftain Dark Grey Energy
  C Coll Hazel Corylus avellana Iúil July Chieftain Brown Creativity
  M Muin Blackberry Rubus Vilicosa Lúnasa August Chieftain Striped Inner Development
  G Gort Ivy Hedera helix Meán Fómhair September Chieftain Sky Blue Questioning
  Ng Ngetal Reed

Phragmites australis

Deireadh Fómhair



Bright Green


* If you wish to use a Lunar Calendar then the thirteenth month is Ruis=Elder which means end of a cycle.


Note: Some scholars like Peter Berresford Ellis claim the Celtic Calender above is based on poor scholarship click here to read theories (outside link) - Basically most of the information quoted above was compiled by Robert Graves in his book 'The White Goddess' however he has made many mistakes, and only uses Roderic O'Flaherty (1629-1718) as his source for the information on Ogham which he has.


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