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Fintan's Story

From the Book of Leinster 1150 A.D.

Unde Fintan cecinit, 

Ireland - whatever is asked of me I know pleasantly, Every 

taking that took her from the beginning of the tuneful world. 

Cessair came from the East, the woman was daughter of Bith; 

with her fifty maidens, with her three men. 

Flood overtook Bith in his Mountain, it is no secret; Ladra in 

Ard Ladrand, Cessair in her Nook. 

But as for me, He buried me, the Son of God, above [the] 

company; He snatched the Flood from me above heavy Tul 


I had a year under the Flood in strong Tul Tuinde; I found 

nothing for my sustenance, an unbroken sleep were best. 

I was in Ireland here, my journey was everlasting, till 

Partholon reached her, from the East, from the land of Greeks. 

I was here in Ireland and Ireland was desert, till the son of 

Agnomain reached it, Nemed, brilliant his fashion. 

The Fir Bolg and Fir Gallion came, it was long ago; the Fir 

Domnann came, they landed on a headland in the west. 

Thereafter the Tuath De came, in their masses of fog, so that 

there was sustenance for me though it was a long lifetime. 

The sons of Mil came from Spain, from the south, so that there 

was sustenance for me at their hands, though they were 

strong in battle. 

A long life fell to my lot, I shall not conceal it; till Faith 

overtook me from the King of Heaven of clouds. 

I am Fintan 'the white' son of Bochra, I shall not conceal it; 

after the Flood here I am a noble great sage. 

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