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List of the Battles of Fionn

This list comes from a translation of a poem by Eoin Mac Neill about the battle shield and the battles in which it was carried.

What battles were fought by thee under Cumhall's son of the bright hands thou brightest shield that hast not been defamed, it is hard to number them.

By thee was given the battle of Ceann Cluig, when Dubhthach, son of Dubh was slain.

The battle of Móin Mafaidh without woe, when Déidgheal hard-mouth was slain.

The battle of Luachair

The battle of Ceann Aise, and the battle of Inbhear Dubhghlaise, the Battle of Teathbha, stiff was its entanglement, the battle of cluain Meann of Muirisg.

The battle of Lusga, the battle of Ceann Cláire, and the battle of Dún Maighe, the battle of Sliabh Fuaid, whose heat was tense, the rout in which fell rough grey-eyed Garbhán.

The battle of Fionntráigh, whereby the war sprite was sated, where blood and booty were left behind, two bloody battles round Ath Móna, and eke the battle of Cronnmhóin.

The battle of Bolgraighe of great deeds, in which fell Cormac the exact, the battle of Achad Abhla that was not slack, the battle of Gabhair, the battle of the Sheaves.

The battle of Ollarbha, where strife was fierce, wherein generous Fathadh was slain, the battle of Eise, great were its deeds, and the battle of Ceis Corainn.

The battle of Carraig, the battle of Srubh Brain, and the battle of Beann Eadair, the battle of Sliabh Uighe that was not slack, and the battle of Magh Málann.

The battle of the brave Colamhnaigh, and the battle of Inbhear Bádhna, the battle of Ath Modhairn, clear to us, and the battle of Beirge above Boyne.

The battle of Magh Adhair not belittled, and the battle of Dún Fraochán, the battle of Meilge of the mighty struggle, that cause loud cries and wails of woe.

The battle of Beirbhe, great was its deed, the after-battle with the King of Lochlainn of the ships, the battle of Uighe, undoubtful were its tidings, and the battle of the Isle of Gaibiel.

The battle of Móin, the battle of Ceann Tíre, and the fortunate battle of Islay; the battle of the Saxons, great was its glory, and the battle of sturdy Dún Binne.

The battle where tall Aichil was slain, the ready-handed high-king of Denmark, the battle of Inbhear Buille in truth and the battle of fierce firm Buinne.

Twenty battles and twelve outside of Ireland in full sooth as far as Tír na n-Dionn  of fame not small, Fionn fought of battles with thee.

Eight battles in Leinster of the blades thou and thy side-slender lord fought: in thy space of grace, no falsehood in this, sixteen battles in Ulster.

Thirty battles without reproach thou gavest in Munster of Mac Con it is no lie but sooth, and twelve battles in Connaught.

Twenty-five victorious battles were fought by thee, thou hardy door, eighteen battles, a rout that was not slack, thou didst gain over the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Not reckoning thy fierce indoor fights and thy duels of hard swords, these while thy success lasted  strong were thy share of the battles of Ireland.


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