Stories, Myths and Legends

Metrical Dindshenchas

Volume Three

Sláine - Slane

Slaine, whence the name? Not hard to say. Slaine, king of the Fir Bolg, and their judge, by him was its wood cleared from the Brugh. Afterwards, he died at Druim Fuar, which is called Dumha Slaine, and was buried there: and from him the hill is named Slaine. Hence it was said: Here died Slaine, lord of troops: over him the mighty mound is reared: so the name of Slaine was given to the hill, where he met his death in that chief abode.

Note: This is Slane village, on the river Boyne, only a few miles from Brugh na Bóinne. (Newgrange)

Source: Edward Gwynn - Metrical Dindshenchas, vol 3. Published, 1925.


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