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The Final Battle

Fergus Mac Roich led the army of Queen Medb against Cúchulainn and he rose to face them despite his many wounds, but rather than fight again he reminded Fergus of their previous agreement and now it was the turn of Fergus to run from Cúchulainn just as Cúchulainn had previously run from him, and when the army of Medb saw their leader running they ran also.

This ended the war over the Brown Bull of Cooley, the army of Medb had been defeated and went home to nurse their wounds.  It was all for naught in the end as the Brown Bull was taken to Connaught where he killed the White Bull of Ailill and then he returned to Cualgne where he was so exhausted from the ordeal and his exertions that his heart burst and he died.


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