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Cúchulainn and Lugh the long-handed

As Cúchulainn was lying asleep exhausted from many combats, his divine father Lugh appeared to him in the shape of a tall handsome man in a green cloak, golden silk shirt covered with embroidery and carrying a black shield and five pointed spear.  He cast his son into a magical sleep lasting three days and three nights.  While Cúchulainn slept, Lugh healed his many wounds with magical herbs; and when he awoke he was completely refreshed and whole.

Unfortunately during his sleep, the boy troop of warriors from Emain Macha came to fight against the army of Medb, and although they slew three times their own number, they were wiped out entirely.  This caused Cúchulainn much heart-ache and he vowed to avenge their deaths.


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