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Cúchulainn and Fergus Mac Roich

Fergus Mac Roich was foster father to Cúchulainn however it came to pass that during the battle of  the Brown Bull of Cooley, he was set against his foster son because he was serving in Medb's army at the time because he had fallen out with King Conchobar of Ulster.  Neither really wanted to fight the other, so Fergus suggested to Cúchulainn that when they were in combat Cúchulainn should pretend to be scared and run away, then at a future date Fergus would do the same for Cúchulainn.  Cúchulainn was at first indignant that anyone should think him a coward but when he considered the plan he felt it was better to lose face in the short term than lose a friend and future benefits.  This showed that he was beginning to mature and gain experience and wisdom.  Fergus was able to return to Medb's army and say that he had fulfilled his obligations.


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