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Cúchulainn and the sons of the Druid Calatin

During the Cattle Raid of Cooley, Queen Medb of Connaught decided to sent her Druid Calatin against Cúchulainn.  Calatin brought his twenty seven sons and his grandson, Queen Medb justified this bending of the rules of fair combat by saying they were all of one body, the progeny of Calatin and therefore in reality one man.

The sons of Calatin were renowned for using poisoned spears which never missed their mark, any man wounded by such spears was certain to die.  When Fergus Mac Roich heard of this trick, he sent another Ulster exile working for Queen Medb, Fiacha to watch the combat and report back what he saw.  Fiacha when he saw the odds against Cúchulainn felt compelled to help him and between the two of them they killed Calatin and his family.


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