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Conall avenges the death of Cúchulainn

There was a pact between Conall Cernach and Cúchulainn regarding the matter of their deaths it was agreed that whoever survived the other would avenge his death.  Therefore when Cúchulainn was slain on the Plain of Muirthemne by Lugaid Mac Cúroi it fell to Conall to avenge his death.

So Conall rode south on his horse 'Dewy-Red' to the banks of the river Liffey where he came upon Lugaid bathing in the river. Lugaid did not really want to fight Conall but was compelled by the other warrior to do his duty.  Lugaid's right hand had been cut off by the sword of Cúchulainn as it fell from his hand in death, so he asked Conall if he would be honourable and fight with just one hand also.  This Conall agreed to do and they fought for two days but neither gained precedence over the other, then on the third day, Conall's horse 'Dewy-Red' went over to Lugaid and took a bite out of his side.   'That is not honourable conduct' said Lugaid, to which Conall replied 'I gave my own word of honour but I cannot be held accountable for the actions of savage beasts and senseless beings!'

'Now I know that you will not leave this place until you have my head as payment for my taking of the head of Cúchulainn, so take it then in addition to your own and add my realm to your realm, and my valour to your valour, for I prefer that you should be the best hero in Erin.' said Lugaid.

Then Conall the Victorious cut off the head of Lugaid at a place called Ferta Lugdach, and he took it with him to Emain Macha, but there was no triumphal parades or festivities as all were in mourning for the hero Cúchulainn.


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