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Kings & Queens 

Nuada Lámhairgid 

(of the Silver Arm)

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Name: Nuada/ Nuadha/ Lámhairgid (of the silver arm)/ Airgedlamh

Properties: Air God 

Profession:  King / Warrior

Father:  Echtach

Sons: Lugaid,   Gaible   Tadg father of Muirne

Grandson: Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Grand-Daughter: Muirne

Great-Grandson: Oisín

Associated Deities:  Danu   Medb

Associated Sites:  Moytura (Magh Tuiredh) Co. Sligo 

Burial Site: The Labby Rock, Carrickglass, Co. Sligo

Nuada Lámhairgid was ruler of the Tuatha Dé Danann at the time when they first landed on Ireland and challenged the preceding occupants the Fir Bolg to a battle at Magh Tuiredh which resulted in Nuada losing his arm but the Fir Bolg were defeated and moved westwards to the islands off the west coast namely the Aran Islands, where they built forts to protect themselves.

Nuada then had to stand down as ruler as he was not completely whole in his body without an arm and had to give up the kingship to Bres Mac Elatha who turned out to be a miser which was a quality anathema to the rest of the chieftains and they plotted to overthrow him.  Bres called on the Fomorians to aid him as they were kin on his father's side.

The physician Dian Cécht then built Nuada a new arm out of silver and he was able to take up the kingship again.  He decided to confer it onto Lugh the Long-handed because of his technical skills in the hopes that he would defeat the Fomorians, which he did in the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh.

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